Private-Side Inflow & Infiltration

On January 3rd, 2017, the Board of Aldermen passed Resolution 2017-1 which formally adopted the Private-Side Inflow and Infiltration Remediation Program. (Please click here to download an image of improper connections to the sanitary sewer system)

The Program is designed to encourage property owners to identify and correct sources of inflow and infiltration found on their property. Please click here to download the informational packet and application for inspection. (please click here to download the information packet & application for inspection)


Please contact City Hall for your Water or Sewer connections or billing issues  573-437-2812 Monday-Friday  9am-5pm.

If you have a backup or need the maintenance department the phone number is 573-437-2125.  Please leave a message and someone will return your call during normal business hours or after hours call 437-7770.

Electric services within our area

  • Ameren MO  800-552-7583
  • Three Rivers  800-892-2251
  • Crawford Electric  800-677-2667

Residential Solid Waste & Recycling

As of October 1st, 2016, the City of Owensville and Swinger Sanitation have entered into a partnership to provide residential solid waste and recycling collection for residents of the City. Per Ordinance No. 1224, Swinger Sanitation is the only hauling company residents may use for solid waste and recycling collection; commercial users can continue to use any hauler they choose.

For the low price of $14.00/month, residents can receive once-weekly trash collection, a 96-gallon roller cart to use for trash, once-weekly recycling collection, and an 18-gallon tub for recyclables. Senior citizen residents can get the same services for $13.00/month and can get a smaller, 35-gallon cart by calling the Swinger office at 573-885-7596 requesting such services.

Please click here for a list of the recyclable materials Swinger Sanitation will accept. 

Swinger Sanitation offers special accommodations for seniors or disabled residents who have difficulty moving the roller cart. If you are interested in these accommodations, please call the Swinger office using one of the phone numbers listed above.

Section 215.195 of the Owensville Municipal Code prohibits residents from burning their household trash and Section 230.070 prohibits residents from illegally dumping their trash in someone else's dumpster or container. If you see someone doing either of these activities, please call City Hall at 573-437-2812 or the Gasconade County E-911 Communication Center (dispatch) at 573-437-7770 to notify police personnel.

Using appropriate ways to dispose of our trash and recyclables keeps Owensville clean. Piles of accumulated trash and pieces of blowing litter are not only bad for our health and the environment, but they are also bad for the image of our community. Please help keep Owensville clean and safe by signing up for trash and recycling collection.

If you have any questions about residential trash and recycling collection in Owensville, please do not hesitate to contact City of Owensville, at 573-437-2812 or Swinger Sanitation at 573-885-7596 or By having trash and recycling collection, you are helping to keep our community and our environment clean and healthy!

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