German-American Friendship

Resolution No. 2005-2  German-American Friendship

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Owensville Community German-American Friendship Club: Friendship between two cities is being fostered between Owensville and Altena, Westphalia Germany, with the purpose of promoting spirit of cooperation, understanding and sharing of common interests.  The organization promotes and encourages German-American exchange, genealogical research and supports the values of our common heritage.  Why Altena?  The Owensville area has a unique connection to Altena.  In1854, Rev. August Rauschenbusch of Altena led a group of about 100 from Altena.  Neuenrade and other nearby villages to America abroad the sailing ship "uhland".  Many of these people setteled in Mt. Sterling, Woolam & Owensville areas of Gasconade County. The passenger list shows several names that remain in the area today.  Altena is a town of 20,000 inhabitants in west central Germany on the eastern edge of the Ruhr industrial region. Since the 14th century, the dominant industry has been wire productions, thus ut has a museum dedicated to the industry.  Altena is also know as a "Burgstadt" because it has its own "Burg" or castle, "Burg Altena".  The world's first youth hostel was created by Richard Schirmann inside this cast;e.  To commemorate the 150th anniversary of Rev Rauschenbusch's immigration party.  Heinz Linke of Altena came to Owensville wishing to meet descendants of those immigrants.  This reunion spawned the idea of a relationship connecting the two cities.  Currently both cities have organizations with the goal to maintain a partnership city alliance.  Since this September 2004 meeting, several of the Owensvillecommunity have visited Altena.  Our German friends from the Altena club have been gracious hosts.  The Owensville club has hosted a high school student for one month and a delegation of the Altena club membership for a week during the summer of 2008.  The Owensville German-American Friendship Club meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m.  Visitors and new members are always welcome.  For additional infromation about the two clubs, visit thier website at