Public Notices

RV Camping

Click Here for the map

$20 per day

Camping off Redoak Road in lower Memorial Park or at upper Memoiral Park off McCan Drive by the horseshoe pits.

Camp only in designated areas

Quiet time between 10pm - 6am unless special event

No loud music or offensive language

Limit 2 vehicles per site

Maximum stay 14 days

Leave campsite clean

Fires in BBQ pit only

No cutting, damaging or hanging anything from trees

Only use camp area of park between 9pm - 6 am because of park curfew

Blackout dates in effect during contracted events

lower park camping has maximum trialer length of 40"Display permit reciept on inside of windshield

Failure to follow rules will result ion eviction from park with no refund.

City of Owensville or Owensville Park Board not respinsibile for accidents

Call 573-437-2812 to reserve your spot and pay for your stay.

Boards & Commission Members Needed

The City of Owensville is looking to fill vacancies for the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Owensville Park Board.  If you are interested please contact Mayor, John Kamler.  

Garage/Yard Sales

Garage/Yard Sales  -  Section 605.110  

  1.  Allowed 4 per year per residence 
  2. Shall not last longer than 72 hours
  3. Any signage may only be errect 24 hours before the sale & removed within 24 hours after the sale

Please pass this information on to your neighbors.

2018 Park Survey

Click here to view the  2018 park Survey

Flushing Hydrants

The City will be flushing hydrants within our system from time to time.

Residents are reminded they may experience some loss of pressure, and if rust appears in water they  may wish to run water for a short perood of time until the water runs clear.

Sorry for any inconvenience this brings you. Thank you for your patience.

The Owensville Water & Sewer Department

Trash service & recycling

All residential users desiring solid waste, recycling collection and disposal are required to use Swinger Sanitation.  To acquire solid waste and recycling services, please call Swinger Sanitation at 573-885-7596.

Owensville Ward 1 & Ward 2 Polling Locations

The polling locations are Owensville Ward 1: First Assembly of God Church on Cuba Street

                                           Owensville Ward 2: Catholic Church Parish Hall on Jefferson Street

Building Permits & Permitted uses.

Reminder: That all City property is zoned for certain uses.  If you are planning a project please contact City Hall and make sure yours is allowed without getting a Conditional Use permit.

No building shall be erected, converted, enlarged, reconstructed, moved or structurally altered, or any building or land used, except for a purpose use, permitted in the Distrtict in which the building is located.

Please stop by City Hall for any Building Permit for any building to be erected, converted, enlarged, reconstructed, moved or structurally altered.  This application can be found online as well.

Call before you dig

The homeowner or the contratcor is responsible for calling before you dig.


Please allow 2 working days for locates to be made.

Water or Sewer back up

If you are a City resident and have a backup in your home, please follow the next steps to take. 

During normal business hours 7:00 am to 3:30 pm  call 573-437-2125

After business hours Call 437-7770 to notify them to contact our Supervisor on duty

 When they arive they will auger the main to make sure it is following properly

 Your issue will be accessed for the next steps


Missing Animals

Is your family pet missing?  Call 437-3422 to see if your pet is at the pound.  The boarding fee is $6.00 a day.  If you are interested in animal adoption go to Tri-County Vet. A dog = $60 & a Cat = $50.  Control the pet population have your pet spayed or neutered. 

Wanted Volunteers

If anyone is interested in volunteering for City Boards please contact the Mayor.  We have the Planning & Zoning board, Board of Adjustments, Park Board, etc. We are always looking for new people with new ideas to help out. Just call City Hall at 573-437-2812.

Animal Control

If you have a missing animal call 573-437-3422 to see if your missing animal was brought into the pound.

Pound fees shall be paid at City Hall before your animal can be picked up.  The impounded fee is $6.00 per day per animal.

Pet Adoption fees:

  Dog =$60, Cat=$50.

Help the animal population have your pet spayed or nuetered.


Section 215.680

It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, display, or to shoot fireworks in the city.  However, the Mayor, by and with consent of the Board of Alderman, may give permission to organizations for display and discharge of fireworks in connection with festivals, picnics, celebrations and other public gatherings within the City of Owensville.

CCR Water Quality Report

Click here for the current CCR Report

Lead & Copper Site Sampling Plan

Click here for the plan and sampling sites in Owensville