Park Board

The Owensville Park Board is a 9 member board appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Board of Alderman with 3 year terms.                      See Chapter 115 of the City codes. The Park Board has three departments within and directs the Park, Golf & Swimming pool.

The Park Board meets at 5:30pm the 2nd Monday of each month for the regular monthly meeting.

The following departments can be reached at Park 437-3423, Golf 437-8877 &/or Pool 437-7665

If you would be interested in serving on the Park Board please contact City Hall 573-437-2812


President - Dave Marner 

Vice President - Dana Hampton 

Secretary - Ruth Rebman   

Treasurer - Robin Schaefferkoetter 

Members -  Dave Marner, Bruce Panietz, Robin Schaefferkoetter, Ruth Rebmann, Tom Hengstenberg, Dana Hampton, John Gaska, Ruth Rebman, Manny Medeiros &Pat Sexton